It's easy to start a new project on Hello crowd!. Read the 6 basic info below to be happy project owner.


Get involved! There's no magic formula...

Launching your project on Hello crowd! is a good start, but not enough to reach your fundraising target. This project is YOURS, so talk about it!

Make your project appealing

Be generous! Big photos, nice videos, clear and ordered presentation. Show that you're hungry! Do everything you can to make your project successful.

The "all or nothing" principle

To receive financial backing, you must at least reach your target (an objective that you want and can beat, obviously!). If this isn't the case, your backers will be reimbursed immediately without fee.

Much more than simply financing

The people that you are going to reach are your first audience, your first potential backers. You will experience - even before financing - a human adventure made of advice, friendship and meeting new people.

Manage your project

On Hello crowd!, you're the only one in charge of your project: you keep the full intellectual property rights of everything you do. This also means that you are responsible for promotion and achievement of your project. It's in your hands.

Don't forget costs incurred!

Calculate shipping costs (if applicable), the price of your rewards and add the 8,07% Hello crowd! commission (VAT incl.) on all funds collected and only applicable if the project is fully financed. All transaction fees are included (see the complete guide on
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